La Dermanique Anti Aging Face Serum Review

Looking younger and beautiful are things that every woman desire, and there is nothing wrong in that. But yes, following the wrong technique that is not only costly but also is harmful is not suggested. I have recently read negative reviews from women who have used La Dermanique Anti Aging Serum and so thought of educating my readers about a better solution, that is – La Creme Anti Wrinkle Cream.

Though, both of them are anti aging products, but deep down there are differences and that make the former one harmful and the latter useful. So read this review to know what you should get to defy aging.


About The Products!

If you look at both of these, both would seem amazing and beneficial, but there is a catch! Where the serum is only made to fight wrinkles, the cream helps one get various advantages like fighting wrinkles, under eye bags (suitable for under eye sensitive skin as well), managing moisturization of the skin along with better collagen production. This is what has made many dermatologists as well to recommend the use of facial cream.

Ingredients Are Different Too!

La Dermanique has few chemical laden components in it and that makes it a harmful product for those who have sensitive skin. Where as La Creme is loaded with:

  1. Peptides to boost collagen production
  2. Vitamins and Antioxidants to replenish skin firmness and elasticity

And all of these are also tested to suit the skin well and so this cream is best for those who have sensitive skin.

Working Of Both the Products!

As I said that La Dermanique has less benefits like it only targets wrinkles and that too for temporary period only, this makes this less effective as compared to the cream. Also, this serum is not suitable to be used under eyes as can get you itching or burning feeling (as reported by some of the users).

On the other hand, La Creme is beneficial in every aspect possible. Like this helps in boosting collagen, maintains elasticity and also adds firmness to skin. This also takes care of hydration levels and can fight under eye bags and dark circles. This also fights pigmentation and acne. So you have all the reasons to prefer the cream over the serum.

The Benefits Of Using The Cream!

There are many, naming a few:

  1. Boost collagen production
  2. Helps you manage radiance
  3. Fight aging at cellular level
  4. Fights appearance of dark circles
  5. Recommended by many skin doctors
  6. 6.    Well suited for all skin types

How To Use The Cream?

  1. Simply wash your face
  2. Take a pea sized amount of the cream on your hand and massage evenly on your face
  3. Let it get absorbed quickly and see the results

This cream can be applied with or without make-up as compared to the serum that does not gel well with make-up.

Side Effects?

The cream is all safe, but with that serum, there is no guarantee of safe outcomes.

Which One To Buy?

As per the reviews shared by people, the cream is now the talk of the town because of being healthy and all safe. So from my side, La Creme Anti Wrinkle Cream wins the race.


Where To Buy?

Get your pack of La Creme Anti Wrinkle Cream simply by clicking the link provided here.